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At Westways, the expectation is that music is for all.   Giving children opportunities across school to develop their technical skills and translate their intentions into sound which will be completed through instrumental, singing or digital methods.  They will use their knowledge of musical components in an analytical and creative way and also having the opportunity to be expressive through composition and performance.

At Key Stages 1, pupils will receive a minimum of one hour of teaching a week; this may take the form of short sessions spread across the week.

At Key Stage 2, pupils will receive a minimum of an 1 hour a week every over 3 half terms plus approximately 20 minutes of singing assembly every week. On average 50 mins every week.

Years 1 and 2: opportunities to learn a musical instrument (i.e. the recorder) – this will be taught by the class teacher and supported by the Charanga Scheme.

In Years 3 or 4, each class will start a whole-class instrumental programme lasting a minimum of one term.  Opportunities to develop and will continue beyond this term.  After the initial year of teaching of ukulele or double bass a second year of group teaching to be offered alongside the Lowe Academy/Music Hub (Ukulele and Double Bass) at a reduced price.

Continuing the above by offering opportunities for pupils in UKS2 to develop their skills further through the availability of small group lessons.

In addition, a variety of rhythmic and melodic instruments will be taught in KS1 and 2 by the class teacher and supported by the Charanga Scheme.

We also offer a range of peripatetic music lessons taught by the Lowe Academy and Sheffield Music Hub.  These begin at KS2 and currently include: piano, guitar, ukulele, cello, violin, clarinet, voice and drums.

Peripatetic Music Lessons

Peripatetic teachers from Sheffield Music Service attend school on a weekly basis to teach a variety of musical instruments to children in Years 1 to 6.  There is a charge for these lessons.

There are a range of instruments that children can learn at school and includes:

  • Keyboard/Piano (Year 3 upwards)
  • Violin (Year 3 upwards)
  • Cello (Year 3 upwards)
  • Guitar (Year 3 upwards)
  • Brass (Year 3 upwards with the exception of trombone which is usually Year 4 upwards)
  • Flute (Year 4 upwards)

There are many music groups run by Sheffield Music Hub which take place out of school.  For more information click here.


On Monday after school there is orchestra - run by Jack Lowe - for all pupils who can play an instrument (regardless of ability) at no charge.  Please contact the school office for more information.


Key Stage 2 choir performed at Sheffield Cathedral at the 'Carols by Candlelight' event.

Physical Education (PE)

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Religious Education (RE)

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