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We enjoy therefore we achieve

Our ambitious Westways curriculum is rigorous, coherent and intelligently sequenced ensuring that knowledge and skills are built upon year on year. Units of learning include inspiring, exciting and immersive activities to support pupils. This helps them to develop a lifelong love of learning which supports them to achieve. 

We have high aspirations for all of our pupils and believe that every child can achieve regardless of their starting point. We also ensure that pupils are aspirational about their own learning and celebrate with them when they achieve their goals. Our curriculum is challenging and pupils work collaboratively to be brave and take risks. They discover that mistakes are a welcome part of the learning process and they will develop the resilience needed to achieve success in the classroom and beyond!

At Westways, our core values are the foundation for everything we teach.  From the Early Years, our English curriculum is steeped in quality texts which cover a range of themes and are filled with ambitious vocabulary and sentence structures. This enables our pupils to not only emulate great authors as they progress on their writing journey but also to develop empathy and respect for the wide range of characters they meet on the way. Our maths curriculum challenges pupils to reason and problem solve from the very beginning. Pupils have opportunities to independently solve open-ended problems and are supported to explain their reasoning using manipulatives and the explicit teaching of mathematical vocabulary.

Through our wider curriculum, pupils are challenged to answer enquiry questions which are relevant to our local community and the wider world our pupils are living in. Our enquiries aim to develop our pupils’ understanding of how and why things happen currently, and to think critically about the past to support them in becoming informed global citizens. Each enquiry promotes the accumulation of knowledge and the development of skills so that pupils produce increasingly technical and informed pieces of work that they are proud of.