Urgent Notice: Parking around Westways

On Thursday 7th March 2019 a child was hit by a vehicle on Mona Avenue. The child suffered shock and minor bruising but will be fine. The car was travelling very slowly but the child was let out of the back seat of their car on the road side, directly into the path of oncoming traffic.

We urge parents not to let children out of cars without proper supervision, children should exit vehicles on the curb side after the car has been parked.

Our advice to drivers is to park away from the school and walk the short distance to the school gate. Drivers must not park, drop off or pick up on the zigzags or yellow lines around school.

The Police and Sheffield City Council Parking Services will be patrolling the school site in the coming weeks. If you see any unsafe behaviour, make a note of the number plate and contact the Police on 101 or Parking Service on 0114 2734567 to report the incident. You can also contact the school office with information if you see a child at risk.