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PE Lesson Information for September 2021

Published on: Sep 03, 2021

We have sent parents and carers information about PE lessons for the autumn term.

PE days for each class are as follows:

  • Ladybirds (Miss Z Gunny): Wednesday & Friday
  • Bees (Miss F Sczesniok): Wednesday & Thursday
  • Dragonflies (Mrs Z Coates): Wednesday & Friday
  • Y1H (Miss E Horn): Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Y1S (Miss S Spragg): Monday & Tuesday
  • Y1M (Miss H Murray): Tuesday & Thursday
  • Y2S (Miss C Serrano): Monday & Wednesday
  • Y2FP (Mrs N Findler/Mrs L Peverelle): Monday & Thursday
  • Y2C (Mr S Coles): Monday & Tuesday
  • Y3BG (Mrs F Bowen/Mrs F Gillott): Tuesday & Friday
  • Y3DT (Ms A Downey/Mrs J Thomas): Tuesday & Friday
  • Y4C (Miss E Clark): Thursday & Friday (Swimming)
  • Y4W (Mr B Wheeliker): Monday (Swimming) & Thursday
  • Y4F (Miss A Fox): Monday (Swimming) & Thursday
  • Y5K (Mrs R Knight/Mr R King): Tuesday & Friday
  • Y5B (Mrs K Bray): Tuesday & Friday
  • Y5EH (Mrs H Elliott/Mr M Harper): Tuesday & Friday
  • Y6B (Miss S Brooksbank): Monday & Thursday
  • Y6SC (Miss K Smith/Miss N Campbell): Wednesday & Thursday
  • Y6W (Mrs S Wilson):  Wednesday & Thursday

For the autumn term, we are going to keep to the same arrangements for PE lessons as last year:

  • Children should come dressed in their PE kit on their PE days (white t-shirt, dark shorts, leggings/joggers and a sweater together with trainers/plimsolls).
  • Wherever possible, PE lessons will be outdoors so warm clothing is essential.
  • During lessons, they will need to remove all jewellery.
  • If your child is unable to do PE, they must present a note explaining why they are exempt.