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Knowledge Organisers (Autumn 1)

Knowledge Organisers for Autumn 1 are now available for Years 1 to 6.

Knowledge Organisers are provided to support the children in their understanding of the world, past and present, and to support them in retaining and retrieving key facts.  These will be used in order to help the children to develop their knowledge of key areas of the curriculum and allow them to deepen their understanding of science, history and geography in particular.

Year 1: Humans (Science), Our Local Area (Geography/History) [Coming soon]

Year 2: Healthy Living (Science)Food, Glorious Food (Geography)

Year 3: Forces and Magnets (Science)Nah then, you alreyt (Geography/History)

Year 4: Living Things (Science)Ancient Egypt (History)

Year 5: Forces (Science)Ancient Greece (History)

Year 6: Light (Science)World War II (History)

Alternatively, they can be accessed via each year group's Google Classroom (click here for more information) or on their curriculum page.