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Dress Code

The general guideline is that children dress in practical clothes and shoes that are comfortable and easy for them to manage.  We have no formal dress code at the moment however if you want your child to wear a school uniform they can be purchased from local supermarkets/high street stores.  We recommend a navy blue sweatshirt/jumper and white polo shirt, dark trousers or skirt (black or grey), or a dark dress (navy, black or grey).   The sweatshirts and jumpers with the school logo on can be ordered from Pinders Schoolwear, please click on the link below:

On the grounds of health and safety, we would like parents and carers to limit jewellery worn in school to wristwatches and stud earrings.  We would also ask that children are sent into school with appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

PE Kit Information

Each week every class will have at least one indoor PE lesson.  To support us with teaching your child PE, please can you make sure your child has the correct PE kit, all clearly labelled with their name, in a drawstring bag.  This needs to be sent into school at the beginning of the half term then it will be sent home by the teacher at the end of the half term to be washed.

‘I forgot my PE kit’ is not an acceptable excuse for missing PE. Children will only be exempt from a PE lesson for serious medical reasons (notified in writing to the class teacher).

As many children do not wear the optional branded Westways clothing, it is often very difficult for staff to know that a child has changed clothing for their PE lesson.  Your child’s PE kit should contain the following items:

  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Plain black or navy shorts (leggings may be worn by girls on religious grounds)
  • Pair of plimsolls (which can double up as indoor shoes in bad weather)
  • Tracksuits and trainers may be worn for outdoor activities.  Year group teachers will inform you on their newsletters when these will take place.

The wearing of jewellery in school other than small stud earrings and a wrist watch is not permitted.  For reasons of safety and following Association for Physical Education (afPE) guidelines, it is essential that no jewellery whatsoever is worn during P.E. and games.  Ideally your child should leave earrings at home on their PE days however if this does not happen they must be able to remove their own earrings by themselves.  School staff are not permitted to remove or replace earrings.

If you would like your child to wear pierced earrings, we suggest you organise this at the beginning of the summer holidays, as this will allow sufficient time for their ears to heal.