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We believe that every child, regardless of race; gender; sexuality; where they live; their levels of musical talent; parental income; whether they have special educational needs or disabilities; and whether they are looked-after children; deserve the very best music education.

All children have music lessons incorporating elements of both performing and composing and listening and appraising.

Peripatetic teachers from Sheffield Music Service attend school on a weekly basis to teach a variety of musical instruments to children in Y1 to Y6.  There is a charge for these lessons.

There are a range of instruments that children can learn at school.  They are:

  • Violin (Year 3 upwards)
  • Cello (Year 3 upwards)
  • Keyboard/Piano (Year 1 upwards)
  • Guitar (Year 3 upwards)
  • Brass (Year 3 upwards with the exception of trombone which is usually Year 4 upwards)
  • Flute (Year 4 upwards)

There are many music groups run by Sheffield Music Hub which take place out of school.  For more information, visit www.sheffield.gov.uk/education/information–  for-parentscarers/at-school.music-hub.html


The school choir perform regularly at Christmas and summer concerts.  For children in Y3 to Y6.

The choir in the spring concert