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Santa’s Village and Code Boogie

For some fun Christmas themed games, and opportunities to practice coding, have a look at these websites from Google:

Cleethorpes Fun!

On Friday, Year 1 had a fantastic trip to Cleethorpes as part of our ‘Beside the Sea’ topic. The children enjoyed feeling the sand between their toes, building sandcastles, making sand-angels and burying each other in the sand. We went on the ‘Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway’, one of Britain’s oldest seaside miniature railways and also had an ice-cream each! The children could choose any flavour
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Awesome Algorithms!

This week Year 1 have gone algorithm mad! We’ve discovered that an algorithm is another word for an instruction, or set of rules to follow, to get something done. In particular, its the word we use when using computers and other technology. In maths, we’ve learnt new vocabulary for directions and turns, such as left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter, half and three quarter turns.
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Year 1 – Beside the Sea

Welcome back to the final half-term in year 1! To end the year, we’re going ‘Beside the Sea’,  learning all about seasides past and present and the features of seaside towns. Here is our topic overview of what we will be learning about this half-term. Y1 summer 2 Beside the seaside 2016-2017  

Year 1 Superhero Day

All of year 1 had a fantastic time yesterday on our superhero day. The costumes we excellent, a great mix of stereotypical and real-life superheroes. We had fun with drama in the morning, acting out scenarios, from doctors and nurses saving injured people, Tim Emmett climbing up the climbing wall with his pick-axe and superheroes saving scared victims from the evil villains. We took
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Superhero Cape Experiments

As part of our science topic on materials, Year 1 have been investigating which materials might be the most suitable for a waterproof cape. We’ve looked at the properties of materials, and decided that although we think some materials, like metal, might be waterproof, they are too heavy to be a cape! We narrowed down our choices to 5 materials; cling-film, fabric, tin foil,
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Tennis Coaching

This half-term, Y1T are having tennis coaching run by ParksTennis and TennisSheffield. Our fantastic coach is called Ryan, and he will be teaching us all the skills needed to play tennis. We’ve started with ball skills and hand-eye co-ordination and next week we will be moving on to use bats and balls together! We found some things very challenging, especially throwing the ball up
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We Can Be Heroes

This half-term our topic is ‘We Can Be Heroes’. Year 1 have already got into full swing learning about stereotypical ideas of Superheroes and using verbs and adjectives to describe them, before writing simple and compound sentences. We have also made our own split pin superhero (some of which can be seen on Y1T’s topic display board). Attached is the overview for this half
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Beanstalk Update

Over the last four weeks, we’ve been observing and investigating our beanstalk growth by keeping a ‘bean diary’. Each week, we’ve looked at the beans and discussed what has happened and why this might be happening. The first week, we noticed that the bean has split and a shoot and root were starting to grow. After the second week, a shoot was started to
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Growing Beanstalks!

This half term, Year 1’s science is all about plants and growing. So far, we have looked at different plants and trees we might find in the United Kingdom, tried to identify different tree leaves and learnt about parts of a plant and why plants need them. We know that the roots help to suck up the food from the soil and keep plants
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