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Finding the Perimeter

Today Y3H were applying their measuring and calculation skills to find the perimeter of different items in our school yard.  Well done everyone!  

Year 3 Statistics

Over the past 2 days, Year 3 have finished our statistics topic by collecting and presenting some data of our own. There has been much enthusiasm and great collaboration as the children have worked in pairs to complete their surveys and then create a poster showing their results. Some of the findings from Y3H are listed below: Favourite Pokemon: Pikachu Favourite Animal: Cat Favourite
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Y3 Fruit Salads

This week we have been learning about ‘scaling’ in maths, and today we had the chance to put this into practice by scaling up a fruit salad recipe. A great opportunity for some practical maths, and a healthy treat to boot!

Smartie Fractions!

In our maths lesson today, Year 3 were identifying fractions of Smarties. We identified the fraction of each colour, and used the information to introduce adding and subtracting fractions, as well as finding equivalent fractions. If Mr. Harper eats 20 of 24 Smarties, what fraction has he eaten? Can you identify any equivalent fractions?          

Math Information Evening

Thank you to everyone to came yesterday to our Maths information evening. It was lovely to see many familiar faces from Ladybirds, Dragonflies and Bees! We had out lots of different number activities for parents to have a look at and engage with! We specially loved exploring the Beebots and sending them around the hall! We even tried to program it to travel out
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Have you seen our 3D shapes?

In Foundation we have been exploring 3D shapes! We had a range of common 3D shapes – cubes, cylinders, spheres, cuboids, cones and pyramids. We had lots of different activities to help us learn more about these different shapes. For one of our activities we paired up with a friend. We each had a telephone and we sat back to back, with each of us
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This week year 3 have been exploring equivalent fractions. We started our investigation by identifying different fractions and building a fraction wall in our class.

Foundation Family Creative – Songs, Stories and Rhymes

This week in Foundation Stage, both FS1 and FS2, set up our third creative session straight after school to show how we can use songs and rhymes to help support our learning in maths! The first family creative session was Maths in the Environment. We looked at the outdoor environment to support numbers and shape and spaces, such as ordering sticks, collecting pebbles. Our second family creative session
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Skittle Subtraction!

This week in Foundation in maths we have been looking at taking away…and what better way than with 10-pin bowling! Luckily the weather was fantastic! We bowled the bowling ball and we had to count how many pins we had knocked over!     Once we had counted the pins that remained standing, we worked together to work out the matching subtraction number sentence.
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Money Money Money!

As it was Enterprise Week at Westways, in Foundation, we have been exploring money! We used real coins to help us pay for different items. We used 1p, 2p and we even had a go at used 5p and 10p for a challenge!     We even had purses and different coloured pouches full of money that we took with us to our role
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