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Have you seen our 3D shapes?

In Foundation we have been exploring 3D shapes! We had a range of common 3D shapes – cubes, cylinders, spheres, cuboids, cones and pyramids. We had lots of different activities to help us learn more about these different shapes. For one of our activities we paired up with a friend. We each had a telephone and we sat back to back, with each of us
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This week year 3 have been exploring equivalent fractions. We started our investigation by identifying different fractions and building a fraction wall in our class.

Foundation Family Creative – Songs, Stories and Rhymes

This week in Foundation Stage, both FS1 and FS2, set up our third creative session straight after school to show how we can use songs and rhymes to help support our learning in maths! The first family creative session was Maths in the Environment. We looked at the outdoor environment to support numbers and shape and spaces, such as ordering sticks, collecting pebbles. Our second family creative session
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Skittle Subtraction!

This week in Foundation in maths we have been looking at taking away…and what better way than with 10-pin bowling! Luckily the weather was fantastic! We bowled the bowling ball and we had to count how many pins we had knocked over!     Once we had counted the pins that remained standing, we worked together to work out the matching subtraction number sentence.
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Money Money Money!

As it was Enterprise Week at Westways, in Foundation, we have been exploring money! We used real coins to help us pay for different items. We used 1p, 2p and we even had a go at used 5p and 10p for a challenge!     We even had purses and different coloured pouches full of money that we took with us to our role
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Fairtrade Enterprise week in KS1

Children in Y1/2 have had a lovely week baking with Fairtrade chocolate and bananas! They have weighed ingredients, used number facts , spent money and worked out profit margins in a practical way. They have all learned about the importance of fair trading through assemblies and PSHE discussions. A big well done to all . We hope you agree they have thoroughly enjoyed the
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Shape Detectives

This week in Maths, in Foundation, we have looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have been learning about the properties of shapes and have been indentifying them in everyday objects! We used playdough to make 2D shapes and we made models using the 3D shapes. For this activity we used building blocks and junk modelling materials. We focused on exploring 2D and 3D shapes,
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Maths Showcase

Thank you to all those that attended the Maths Showcase yesterday, here are some photos of the event. Some of you requested pictures of the schools KS1 multiplication method, it is attached below in a PDF. Year 1 and 2 – Multiplication methods

Fraction Fun!

The past two weeks Year 1 have been learning all about the fractions of half and quarter. We have been learning to spell the words, write them as fractions, representing them in shapes and finding fractions of numbers! We have discovered that fractions are all about equal parts and in some shapes, there is more than one way to split it equally into halves
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KS1 Domino Sorting Maths Challenge

Domino Sorting Here are some dominoes taken out of the full set: Sort them into two groups – one group with an odd number of spots and one group with an even number of spots. Do you have any dominoes left over? Why or why not? Now put the dominoes into pairs. The number of spots on each pair of dominoes must make a
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