Y3 Fruit Salads

This week we have been learning about ‘scaling’ in maths, and today we had the chance to put this into practice by scaling up a fruit salad recipe. A great opportunity for some practical maths, and a healthy treat to boot!

Y3H Igloo!

Many thanks for all the milk bottle donations, Y3H have now completed our reading corner igloo!  The children were very excited to see the completed project this morning. Thank you Mrs. Jolley for your creative vision!  

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year and welcome back! Year 3 have kicked off 2018 with our Polar Regions topic. This week we have posed questions about what we want to find out about the Polar Regions, and had the opportunity to find out interesting facts about the Arctic and Antarctic. Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at some of the animals and native people (Inuits)
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Y3 Spellings – Spring 1

The link below shows a summary of the spellings we are learning this half term. Spring 1 Overview

Merry Christmas from Y3

We have now completed our first full term in Y3! Everyone has worked very hard since September, and we have made great progress in Maths and English.  In addition, our topic work on Sheffield and the Peak District has provided us with lots of opportunities to explore the wider curriculum.  Our trip to Kelham Island and the visit of Pete McKee have been particular
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Magnetic Mazes

It’s taken us right until the last day, but Y3H have now completed our magnetic maze games The children have worked very well together and been very sensible and precise using the hacksaws. We’ve had some very creative designs featuring lots of tunnels, holes and dead ends. Well done everyone! Mr. Harper

Santa’s Village and Code Boogie

For some fun Christmas themed games, and opportunities to practice coding, have a look at these websites from Google:

Design and Technology – Magnetic Mazes

After completing our designs, this week we have started to build our magnetic maze games. In pairs, we have had to carefully measure lengths of balsa wood, and cut them with junior hacksaws.  We have then used the glue gun to fix them into place on our cardboard base. Hopefully these will be finished in time to come home on Thursday!

Year 3 Spellings – Autumn Term 2

The link below shows a summary of the spellings we are learning this half term.  The first 4 words each week (in italics) are taken from the Year 3 word list, and the rest are from the National Curriculum.   Autumn 2 Overview

Smartie Fractions!

In our maths lesson today, Year 3 were identifying fractions of Smarties. We identified the fraction of each colour, and used the information to introduce adding and subtracting fractions, as well as finding equivalent fractions. If Mr. Harper eats 20 of 24 Smarties, what fraction has he eaten? Can you identify any equivalent fractions?