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Our Community and Ethos

Our Community

Westways Primary School is a co-educational school for the 3-11 age group. Typically we have families from over 20 different countries speaking almost as many different languages.

The international nature of our school offers all of us the opportunity to experience and benefit from other cultures.  We learn to respect and enjoy differences but equally important, we learn to recognise what we have in common and what ties us together.

Westways offers an excellent opportunity to further our ideals of equal rights, equal opportunities and responsibilities.

Our Values & Ethos

Learning Powers be a powerful learner.
  • Concentrate – listen – don’t disrupt
  • Don’t give up – when learning is hard
  • Be co-operative – work together
  • Be independent – responsible for learning
  • Communicative – express views and listen to others, effectively resolve issues
  • Keep improving – beat your own personal best and challenge yourself.

At Westways Primary School we aim to unlock and develop the potential of all our pupils both socially and academically regardless of race, gender, disability and sexuality.

From Foundation Stage children are introduced to characteristics of effective learning focusing on our learning powers.

Skilful teachers plan methodically in order to provide a meaningful differentiated curriculum.  Lessons are delivered in a variety of ways in order to cater for pupils’ individual learning styles, whether they be visual, kinaesthetic or auditory learners.

Regular assessments ensure that all pupils make good progress in school and achieve their potential.

Code of Conduct

Our school is underpinned by a commitment to positive discipline and staff use a wide range of incentives to reward and encourage effort and good behaviour including the whole school system of team points.  We have a Behaviour Policy, a Behaviour for Learning Policy and an Anti-Bullying Policy. We know that good relationships between home and school are essential in establishing a positive attitude towards good behaviour and, in the long term, self discipline.

We expect all children to:

  • Listen to all adults in school and do as they are asked by staff. FIRST TIME EVERY TIME
  • Be kind, honest, helpful and polite. Don’t hurt others with actions or words
  • Look after our school, and other people’s belongings. We don’t damage things
  • We work hard to learn and be the best we can. We don’t stop ourselves or others from learning.

As a Westways we will:

Make a world of difference by…..

  • supporting all children to achieve their full potential
  • developing respect for self, one another and the environment
  • having high expectationsin everything that we do and work hard
  • nurturing resilient, life-long learners
  • contributing to our community